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From Lab to Life

Digitally transforming the way life science organizations operate and deliver value.


Streamline the processes of bringing lab discoveries to life, enhancing efficiency, and reducing time to market.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Digital solutions for decoding intricate genetic landscapes and facilitating targeted therapeutic interventions.

Cultured Meat

Decipher cellular compositions, fine-tune nutrient formulations, and engineer tissues with precision.


Optimize the production processes, ensuring seamless transition from research to production to patient.


Bridging Innovation in Biotech and Food Production

InflexionPoint helps biotechnology companies accelerate their business with leading-edge technology, solutions, and services that match the speed of innovation today.

InflexionPoint’s Nexilis for the life sciences harnesses data, delivering insights to the right people at the right time in the right format, and enabling continuous improvement that delivers real, measurable optimized results.

InflexionPoint’s automation and control services provide customized project solutions for biotech and life sciences customers looking to automate new or existing pilot plants.


Your comprehensive smart facility partner